The Secrets of Beauty in Maldives:

Our beauty lies within us, in our hearts and souls, our beauty as a mirror reflects what wanders in ourselves, it’s amazing to be such a beautiful person wherever you are, it’s amazing to have a simple beauty, which is matching with the beauty of nature around us. . The beauty is our ability to seek and observe everything beautiful around us. The meaning of beauty is varying from person to another; it’s according to our beliefs and our principles.

For me, the place takes a great role in highlighting and showing the beauty. In my recent trip to Maldives, where the beauty and magic of the Captor nature, the calm, and pure blue color which dominates the heaven and earth. I sought the simplicity of the place, the splendor of this island. I just realized that each place has its properties and natural… Whatever I needed there was to unleash myself to be as I am. As we need a holiday to spend time with ourselves and with whom we love. As well as our beauty needs to appear on the nature and get rid of the restrictions of aesthetics supplements.

On an Island you don’t need long nails or makeup or extensions or high heels… All you need is protection because prevention is better than cure!
I have been oiling my hair with Intense Nutritive Elixir day and night for the past weeks to bring it back to great health, and taking care of my skin by using sun protection cream.
Enjoy in your special time with your family or with your loved ones, because they are the source of your strength and your eyes that insights the beauty of life .. Be on your nature wherever you are…


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