Instincts, knits and 30-year traditions with Art Love founder and designer, Dimitra Tachmatzidou

Growing up in the family’s knitwear business, Dimitra Tachmatzidou was inevitably drawn into fashion at an early age. With a pulsing need to express her fashion and arts instinct, Dimitra, after studying fashion in Florence, Italy, established Art Love where she translates her passion for the art of knits.  In this exclusive interview with EGO, we get to know the talented young Greek designer as she talks about traditions, knits and Art Love.

How would you describe your brand?

I see Art Love Knitwear, as a brand which combines trends and tradition. Through my love for fashion and knowing what a woman needs, I try to offer comfort and make my clients feel perfect with my products.
Why wool?

Because we have a family tradition on knitwear for over than 30 years…Also, I’ve always had a love for fashion and I wanted to create a fresh brand which showcases the art of knits.

Who is the Art Love woman?

The woman of Art Love is an independent woman who is into fashion. She wants to be different without overdoing it. My woman has no age and no nation and she loves to be stylish.

“My woman has no age and no nation and she loves to be stylish.”

What is your earliest recollection of being into fashion?

I remember myself, as a little child going about my parent’s business and exploring how a garment can be created from the beginning until the end.

 “…I had this need to express my fashion and art instincts…”

How did you know that fashion designing was your calling?

 I had this need to express my fashion and art instincts and because of my experience and exposure from my family’s business, I decided to study fashion in Florence. It was the place that inspired me the most and gave wings to follow my dream.  After my studies, I started to work as a fashion designer and as an artist, and now I have my own brand.

What is the most important lesson you learned as a fashion designer?

Always believe in your biggest dreams, move with them, love them and one day with faith and hard work, you will achieve all of your goals.

What is your fashion philosophy and how do you apply it to your brand?

My philosophy is that fashion is an art phenomenon which offers confidence and comfort. For these reasons, I design clothing, swimsuits and accessories which suit every shape and type of woman.


Can you tell us how the creation of the items comes about?

Every time I create a collection, I research on the trends of the season and on hand knitting techniques, and after hours and days, I come to the final step, the creation.


What’s the best thing about knits?

Knitwear is something that has existed for many years, starting from the way they were made by hand, and eventually enhanced through technology – which means that with knits, you can do anything.


What are the challenges of working with knitwear?

Working with knits is a hard deal, for example, you never know if the pattern can be perfect and you always have to make trials, and I think this is the biggest challenge we have.


What is fashion to you and how do you apply this to your brand?

Fashion for me is the trend of the season, and as Yves Saint Laurent said, “Fashion fades, style is eternal”, and this is the reason I try to offer stylish and not only fashionable products to my audience.


Where do you stand on trends?

I always follow trends but I don’t depend on them. I want to showcase my personality through them.


What is your fashion staple?

A simple ecru bikini, that fits every woman, and makes her feel sexy and elegant


What are the things you can’t be without?

I don’t exist without my lovely Labrador, Diego, my family, and my love of art and fashion.


What should we look forward to from you and the brand?

A progress with my techniques, new and interesting ideas and a variety of reliable clothing.