“What I am doing now is what I was born to do.” Rick Riaz

Get to know the creative genius behind Beba Creations, Rick Riaz and his sustainable creations as he talks about doing what you love and creating out of the box.  In this interview, the American expat shares his design beginnings, functional pieces and creating without constraints.

Can you tell us more about BEBA Creations? 

I founded Beba creations to pursue my passion as an artist and bring to life my creative ideas.  Beba describes someone who is both carefree and humble, whose work is passionate, sincere and flows from the heart.  My art comes from a Beba spirit, which is the engine of my creativity.

Do you have a preferred selection of materials to work with? Can you tell us more about it? 

I work with wood, resin, metal and concrete respecting their own unique qualities.  Sustainability is key and staying true to its essence. I use reclaimed wood, metal and natural oils.  I allow each work of art to unfold naturally, with the various elements complementing one another into a final sculptural form.

What are the trends now in Interiors and where do you stand in the matter?

We’ve been seeing a shift towards a more organic approach to interiors. More textures, neutrals and natural tactile elements along with a calming palette are becoming more prevalent. It’s a movement of less is more, but not necessarily in a minimalist/modern way but more of a well curated living environment, where every piece counts and has a part to play.  It may have some correlation with our increased pace of life, but I look for a tranquil yet interesting and unique mix of objects and materials where each piece is a work of art.

You can read full interview in EGO’s August issue.