Maison Francis Kurdjian’s Enchanting Oud Collection

Co-founded by Francis Kurdjian, designer of over 40 fragrances for luxury and fashion brands including Le Mâle for Jean Paul Gaultier, Cologne for Dior, Kouros for Yves Saint Laurent, Rose Barbare for Guerlain, and Le Parfume for Elie Saab, MFK is not just a house for scent, but also a house of creation.


OUD Satin Mood
This luscious fragrance conveys the desire to bring a shimmering Orient to life. You’ll want to wrap it around you, lose yourself in the depth of the moment and suspend time.

Oud Satin is complete with natural oud from Laos, rose essence from Bulgaria, rose absolute from Turkey, benzoin from Siam, as well as violet and vanilla accord.

70ML for AED 1,200.00

Velvet mood

Oud – woody – spicy

The majestic, enveloping Velvet oud gives the sensation of density and fluidity. Together, cinnamon from Ceylan, saffron and Brazilian copahu balm combine to release the fragrance of the oud.
70ML for AED 1650.00


Cashmere Mood

Oud – woody – oriental

This Oriental fragrance is woven with all the gentleness of a “second skin”, soft and balmy. The Oud is enhanced with Moroccan labdanum, Laotian benzoin and vanilla.

70ML for AED 1650.00