Hero for Heroes

 Marijana Hero on creating colourful clothes for modern day heroes


Pearls, embroideries and a burst of colour, that’s what distinguishes Hero4Heroes. In this interview, we get to know the hero behind the brand, Marijana Hero as she talks about Coco Chanel, The Devil Wears Prada and self-expression.

Interesting label name. What’s the story behind it? What is Hero4Heroes?

Hero4Heroes is a young fashion brand based in Croatia. It exists to give colour to the life of each woman who bravely expresses herself, to become her own fashion hero.  Hero4Heroes is known for its unique handmade dresses, but our collections also feature jeans, bomber jackets and shirts in different inspirations and sizes.

The name of the label comes from an interesting mix of words – Hero represents my surname and Heroes are all the women wearing the brand, thus Hero4Heroes.

What made you take fashion more seriously and make a career out of it?

This question is quite difficult as I’m at a point where I’m not taking fashion as a ‘serious’ job. I’m simply enjoying what I’m doing, having a lot of fun and realising my dreams as a little girl.  I’m playing with colours and materials and expressing myself, and it seems that people like it, which makes me even happier.

What drew you into fashion?  Are you self-taught or did you study fashion design?

I finished fashion design, which I believe really helped me define my style and the direction I’m going today. But I guess my love for fashion began when I was a child. Both my grandmothers were seamstresses, and during my childhood, I was always drawing dresses. I had a lot of Barbie dolls and I always made them clothes. I would create and change their dresses for hours!

When I was in high school, I found out about a very interesting fact. I was born on August 19, 1983, the same day as Gabrielle Coco Chanel, but of course 100 years later.  During the years, Chanel became one of my favourite brands. I really like her story and how she made her mark in the world of fashion.

What is the creative process for the items?

Everything starts from ideas and inspirations; I usually find them everywhere and in everyday things. Travelling around also inspires me a lot, being in new cities, trying out different cuisines, seeing people and being immersed in other cultures.

Everything starts from ideas and inspirations…

Later on, comes the initial sketch and choosing the best combination of materials. After these steps have been finalised, they are sewn and brought to life. Then, we work carefully to ensure the uniqueness of each of our pieces, and incorporate details such as pearls and embroideries.

Last season, I incorporated my prints into the textile; the process was a little bit different but it was created with the same passion and uniqueness.


Can you share with us a favourite from the collection and the reason behind it?

3 years ago I made a sketch for a bag. The idea behind it was to have bags for fashion heroes, the same story as it is for my clothes. This was probably the most challenging project for me, trying to find the right way, material, process and how the idea should become a reality was quite difficult. But I managed to find the right people, so today we have leather bags that people around the world are interested in. This bag is a vintage inspired briefcase for every woman, whether she’s a young girl, a mother or a grandmother. It also has an identity pocket that contains an identity card where you can put pictures and other fun stuff to take everywhere with you.

The designer, Marijana Hero

What are you fascinated by at the moment and how does it feed into your work?

At the moment, I went back through history to find inspiration. There are some details from one particular old civilisation which inspired me. At the same time, one special city and a historical artist connected with that city really played a huge influence on my collection.

Describe the woman who owns a Hero4Heroes item?

There are no rules and there is no typical woman wearing Hero4Heroes. But I do know that she’s open-minded, courageous and loves to express herself through embroidery, pearls, patchworks and colours.  In the end, she has to feel like a hero, a fashion hero.


If you hadn’t become a designer, you would have been?


I have never thought about this option…I think I’ll always be a designer. For me, this is not a job or a position in the company; it is a way of life, art and love, emotion and passion.

I feel really privileged whenever I look at the world around me, I get to do what I really want and like, and I enjoy every minute of it.


I feel really privileged whenever I look at the world around me, I get to do what I really want and like, and I enjoy every minute of it.


Just for fun, what is the question you’ve always wanted to be asked?

What is your favourite movie? Of course…The Devil Wears Prada… (I’ve seen it 21 times!)


What are top three things you learned as a designer?

Patience, modesty and being hardworking.


What’s next for you and the brand?

Preparations for our Spring/Summer ’17 collection!  Again the inspiration came from a city and a person, but at the moment, it’s still a small secret. At the same time, there will be a new edition of Superheroic bags featuring new details along with its already recognised DNA. For the brand, the next essential step is a new online shop very soon.

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