A new crustacean spot

By Danielle Hosri

The moment you step into Crab Tavern, you immediately get the feeling of actually being inside a tavern. You can smell the scent of wood in the air and the interior is homey and welcoming giving you a feeling of nostalgia. The place reminded me of being in a winter cabin up on the mountains. It was like I wasn’t in Media City at all. The overall feel was warm and cozy.

To begin our seafood feast, we ordered two platters for sharing which included their signature crab legs.  I’d say both the salad and the seafood platter tasted amazing. Although, it wasn’t the best decision to have it for lunch. You have to crack the crabs, so you really wouldn’t want to smell like crabs in the middle of the day, not to mention get it on your clothes or hair. In my opinion, it would be perfect for dinner time, when you can enjoy the meal with your partner and just relax with a glass of wine.

It’s a new concept. I’m sure people who particularly love crabs and seafood in general would really enjoy it there. Not only that, they also offer a buffet brunch or dinner if you really have some appetite for seafood. And, have I mentioned they also have crab burger? I wasn’t able to try it but based on my experience, I’d say, I’ll give it a go.