The hair talk with Hollywood based Balayage Artist and Hair Colourist, Chad Kenyon

Mornings aren’t the finest time for some people.  That is why when Chad’s California number flashed on my phone, I wasn’t certain what to anticipate. All my concerns however, quickly dissipated when I was greeted by the pleasant voice on the other line. Despite having to wake up early to accommodate the 11-hour time difference between Los Angeles and Dubai, he was as warm and welcoming as the morning Californian sun.

In this conversation, Balayage artist and Hair Colourist Chad Kenyon shares his beginnings, his craft, as well as his personal recommendations.

From the awe struck boy who was hypnotized by hair stylists and colourists at work at the salon where he accompanied his mom, to collaborating with premiere salons and travelling cities and countries to work on his craft, Chad has definitely come a long way.

What do you think are the three words that best describe you? 

Inspired. Passionate. Dedicated.


What made you interested in the world of hair?


I have always had an innate obsession with colour and I’ve always been fixated on aesthetic beauty. Even as a young boy, I paid close attention to women’s individual style and mannerisms.  I particularly focused on their preferences & usage of colour in fashion, interior design and most of course, hair.



What made you go into hair colouring?

When I was in the university I coloured people’s hair for extra money and even though I enjoyed (and still do) Communications and Marketing which I majored in, I started to honour my true calling, which was hair colour.


Can you briefly explain to us the history and the process of your craft?

On one hand, I like to pay homage to women’s natural beauty by building on what they naturally have or even what they had when they were young girls. Rekindling that summer beach hair, that sun-kissed skin and sparkly hair thing.


On the other hand, I love taking a very natural “look” or idea and amplifying it; taking it to a more fashionable editorial realm.


Hair motto and philosophy?


Hair Colour is the strongest element of a woman’s unique beauty.


Open communication with your Hair Colourist is essential to achieving perfection.



Can you tell us the difference between Balayage and highlights? 


Balayage is the art of hand painting locks of lighter hair and creating natural dimension. There are no rules in Balayage. It allows the hair colourist to paint and create freely. Balayage is actually a French word which means to sweep. As opposed to traditional highlights which involves foil and is done methodically in sets of rows.



How do you keep up on style trends?


Fashion and beauty magazines.  Instagram.  My Clients. My friends and colleagues from all over the world.


Dream muse(s) and why?

Madonna because she’s honest and fearless.

Giselle Bündchen because she’s so versatile. She can go from material girl to editorial darling in a snap.

Julianne Moore because she’s confident and poised and she radiates this nurturing vibe that I’m drawn to.


What makes a woman beautiful to you? 

A woman, who loves herself, honours her attributes and who happily greets challenges is the ultimate beautiful woman to me.


How would you describe your personal style?

Current and Classic. European influenced California style.



Can you share with us your personal hair care regimen?

I’m currently obsessed with DAVINES Oi Shampoo, Conditioner and Oi Oil.


Colouring chemicals can damage the hair, what do you advise your clients to help keep their manes healthy?

OLAPLEX!  I use Olaplex in every Haircolour procedure & formula.  It rebuilds disulfide bonds as it colours or lightens hair. In layman’s terms, it’s miraculous! It allows me to push the limits of hair colour to another galaxy.


If you weren’t a Balayage artist and a colour expert, what do you think you would most likely be and why? 

A Marketing Guru.  I love helping people find their best self and sharing it with the world.



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