In this interview with EGO, one of fashions must know designers – Jacquie Aiche, talks about how passion found her, melding cultures and her stand on trends.

How would you describe your line?

The aesthetic of the JA brand is definitely organic, sexy and cool all at the same time.

How did you know that jewellery was your calling?  Can you share with us the story?

Sometimes your passion finds you. It happened for me in 2003. I couldn’t find the kind of jewellery I wanted to wear in the stores, so I decided to create my own. I really enjoyed the process and soon, everyone around me was asking, “Oh, I love that piece. Can you make one like that for me?” It really grew quite organically from there. Until one day, I realized, this is what I was meant to do.

How do you incorporate your Middle Eastern roots and Native American heritage into your creations?

I love to blend different cultures together to create something unique; I rework ancient Egyptian designs such as goddesses, scarabs and amulets with hammered gold, then integrate these forms with contrasting natural minerals and gemstones, turquoise and fossils reminiscent of Native American culture. It makes me feel like I am carrying on the spirit of my ancestors.

Signature and design philosophy?

My signature is definitely the body jewellery that I introduced to the industry in 2009. It immediately created such a stir and became a phenomenon all over the world…it remains one of the most popular designs.  My body jewellery is an example of my design philosophy: To create jewellery that will make every woman look and feel uniquely beautiful.

Where do you stand on trends?

I like to create them!

What is unique to Jacquie Aiche?

Jewellery is personal, wearable art. It is intimate because it is so close to a woman, caressing her skin. That is why my jewelry is organic and not mass produced. It is hand made in Los Angeles and created with a lot of positive vibes that the wearer carries with them.

Jacquie Aiche jewellery is all hand made in Los Angeles and created with a lot of positive vibes that the wearer carries with them. We source our material worldwide and take pride in all our pieces.

Since you work with various stones and materials, is there a certain stone/material that you have a preference for?

I have always had a special love for Tourmaline in all shapes and cuts. The rainbow colours just make me you feel so happy.

Who is the woman who owns a Jacquie Aiche piece?

The woman who wears Aiche tends to be strong, independent and unique. She already understands the power of the feminine mystique – which is why she is attracted to these unique pieces.

A woman who owns a Jacquie Aiche jewellery, is a woman who’s not afraid to love herself.

Top three fashion staples?

Body chain, python pouch and a pinky ring.

Who is your dream muse?

My dream muse is Elizabeth Taylor. Her passion for jewellery was legendary and her collection included some of the most exquisite pieces of all time.  She was an icon and her men, particularly; Richard Burton searched the world over to find unique pieces to enhance her legendary beauty.

What’s to come for you and your brand?

There are no design restrictions in our brand so every new day is an opportunity for creativity. I find inspiration in everything beautiful I see with each new stone or mineral illuminating its own design path. It is this kind of joyful environment that drives our groundbreaking designs and I can’t wait each morning to explore the next frontier.